Maths Labs

Maths lab – to make mathematics fun and vincible, math’s club is set for students of classes I to X to learn about various concepts using tools, shapes and real life situations. Learning mathematics by doing perhaps the best way to dispel all fears. various activities are prescribed for example representing fractions using paper strips making rhombus shape kite through paper folding Math’s activities should be based on the theme – imagination, investigation and interaction. These activities should provide an opportunity to students to understand discover and verify the basic mathematical and geometrical concepts. activities include

Bio Labs

The Bio Lab is well stocked with models and specimens. High precision microscopes aid in concept attainment and make the learning process enjoyable.

Chemistry Labs

The work tables in the Chemistry lab have individual reagent racks and enclosures so as to allow each student to work independently. Modern equipment is provided and replaced regularly as required to ensure safety and clarity in their task.

Physics Labs

The Physics lab is equipped with all necessary experimental gadgets, well maintained to ensure accuracy of results during experiments. Students are encouraged to improvise and conduct simple experiments on their own, relating to physical phenomena in everyday life.


Well equipped chemistry, biology, physics labs exists with modern equipments for students.