Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Our aim at Greenfield is to develop the students who do not want to benchmark themselves against the set standards but become the new yardsticks of performance. Greenfield aspires to be the pioneer in imparting ethical education, with a set of skills that will be imbibed in the students to make them the leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our mission is our ambition, the fire that drove us from where we were to where we belong today, and beyond. We strive to nature in our students, the main things which seem to us important on their own account, and not merely as means to other things. Our object is to teach them thinking, without allowing them to sacrifice their intellect to the fancied interests of crude career competition and mere skills for survival. We teach them science and perfect their linguistics for uninhabited communication of their intelligence, and also have watchful eyes on the nourishment of their wisdom and right conception of life.

While meticulous teaching in science, technology, physical education, and performing arts provides some of the ingredients of progress, we also manicure their spiritual tendencies. The world today needs faith and courage faith in reasons and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true. The education here is about conquering feebleness and growing into responsible, devoted citizens of this civilization.

While our students grace all merit lists, we seek sublime satisfaction in showing well they illustrate their understanding of life, their responsibility as human beings, how gracefully their intellect defines their ends, and how righteously they seek them. we, as teachers, are accountable to our society, and our students we put our objectives, our dreams, and our struggle to achieve them.